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PASSEPORT MTL SUMMER-FALL, Montréal, QC Festival Fantasia 2024 Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience, Théâtre St-Denis - Espace St-Denis

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Confidentiality Policy and Conditions of Purchase is committed to protecting your personal information and keeping you informed on how it is used. The following Confidentiality Policy applies solely to transactions and data conducted and gathered on the Web site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"). Our Confidentiality Policy does not apply to other Web sites that may be linked to the Site or other points of contact with Ticketpro consumers. It is your responsibility to carefully read this Confidentiality Policy, because it is occasionally updated as required. Whenever you visit the Site or give information, it indicates that you have accepted the terms described herein.

  • 1. Your IP address

    To best manage the Site, optimize efficiency and to detect any problems, we use your IP address to identify you and gather general demographic information. Every time you visit the Site, we automatically record your IP address and the address of the last Web page visited.

  • 2. Cookies

    "Cookies" are used to make personalized content available while safeguarding your password to protect your personal and financial information. Cookies can be de-activated with the "Help" command. However you may not always be able to access the de-activation feature in certain parts of the Site.

  • 3. The gathering of personal, financial and demographic information.

    Ticketpro Inc. only collects personal information that it considers necessary for the conduct of its activities and for the achievement of specific purposes.
    To manage the Site and offer you information on the products and services that may be of interest to you, we may ask you for personal information (your complete name, civic address, telephone number, and e-mail address), financial information (passwords, credit and debit card numbers, the numbers of your bank account or other financial institutions) and demographic information (postal code, city, sex, age and previous purchases). Please note that nowhere on the site do we gather information on children under the age of 13 years.

  • 3.1 The use of your information

    3.1.1 InfoTicketpro (newsletter)
    When you subscribe to our monthly newsletter InfoTicketpro, we ask you to provide the following information: the desired language of communication, your email address, your province and postal code.
    We guarantee that your personal information (including your email address) collected for the purposes of personalizing InfoTicketpro will remain confidential, that it will not be transferred or sold to anyone and that you can unsubscribe at any time and without notice and no charges.

    3.1.2 and sales by phone Personal
    Personal information is used to process your transaction effectively, to offer you requested services, to contact you, when necessary, regarding activities or events for which you have purchased tickets on the Site, and to transmit information including emails and newsletters, containing promotional messages, presales, special offers, event suggestions, news, and updates, regarding events on sale on Ticketpro's website. You can unsubscribe and/or request anonymization of your personal information at any time. Financial
    Financial information is used to determine your ability to pay for the products and services you order and to allow you to participate in discount, savings and other programs that you may wish, as well as to facilitate collecting your ticket on the day of the event. Demographics
    Demographic information is used to customize the Site in such a way as to reflect the interests of our users. We may also share demographic information, anonymously, with third parties to help them adapt their advertising and communications initiatives to specific users.

  • 3.2 Sharing your information

    Only Ticketpro Inc. staff members who are authorized and who need to have access to your personal information as part of their duties have access.
    We will only disclose personal information about you to third parties in the following cases:
    • You have authorized us to communicate the information to a third party for a specific purpose;
    • Third parties act on behalf of Ticketpro Inc. as agents or service providers (for example IT service providers, hosting providers or marketing solution providers), and the information is communicated to them only in this context, it being understood that these third parties must respect strict contractual terms which require them to maintain the confidentiality of all information, to use it only in this context and not to retain the information upon expiration of the contract;
    • If a person is acting as your representative or if we reasonably believe that the person is acting under appropriate authorization (e.g. guardian, holder of parental authority, etc.) or if it is a person who owns a Ticketpro Inc. service. jointly with you;
    • To satisfy legal requirements;
    • If we are required to provide personal information in response to a proper court order, subpoena, investigation by authorities, or as otherwise required by applicable law;
    • If ever Ticketpro Inc. sells its business or its assets, in whole or in part, or merges, as required by such a transaction, as well as as part of due diligence.
    • As required or permitted by applicable laws.

    3.2.1 What are the roles and responsibilities of our staff members who have access to personal information?
    Our employees are informed by Ticketpro Inc. of their obligation to preserve the confidentiality of personal information and we make them aware of the importance of protecting the confidentiality of personal information. Our employees may only use personal information in accordance with the terms of this policy.

    3.2.2 What measures are taken to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal information?
    We implement reasonable security measures of a material, administrative and technical nature to protect personal information against loss or theft as well as against unauthorized consultation, communication, copying, use or modification. The nature of security measures varies depending on the sensitivity of the personal information collected, the quantity, distribution and format of the personal information as well as the methods of retention.

  • 3.3 How to modify or delete the information you have given us

    3.3.1 Newsletter opt out
    You can opt out of receiving our newsletters at any time. To stop receiving our promotional emails, you may communicate with us at the following address: [email protected] or follow the instructions in the footer of any promotional email you receive from Ticketpro. You can also change your preferences directly in your Ticketpro account. It can take up to seven days to process your request. If you opt out of getting promotional emails, you will still receive messages pertaining to your transactions (when applicable) and information regarding activities or events for which you have purchased tickets.

    3.3.2 Modifying or deleting your personal information
    You can modify the information you have given us. To correct or update account settings and information, log into your account.

    To delete the personal information in your account, send your request to:   [email protected]. Please note that it can take up to seven days to process your request.

    If you have any questions regarding this Confidentiality Policy or the practices and procedures concerning transactions on the Site, you may communicate with us at the following address: [email protected]

    If you have any questions regarding this process or our approach to privacy please contact Yves Caron, our Data Protection Officer at: [email protected].

  • 4. Login with your Facebook account

    You can use your Facebook account to log in to your Ticketpro account. The only information we collect to establish this connection is your email address.

    We guarantee that the personal information (e-mail address) collected to connect to your account will remain confidential, that it will not be forwarded or sold to any third party, and that you can delete your personal information any time at no cost.

    To delete the personal information in your account, send your request to:   [email protected]

Ticketpro Inc. Confidentiality Policy
Last update: March 2024.

Conditions of Purchase

No exchanges or refunds. In the event of a cancellation, a refund may be issued, strictly according to the policies of the promoter and ticket vendor. This ticket is void when a complaint has been lodged with the local police to the effect that it has been stolen.

The holder of this ticket is subject to all of the regulations in force or displayed on the premises of the event and acknowledges that they must comply with them in full.

They waive the right to any claim resulting from loss, damage, or inconvenience, however caused, before, during, or after the event. This ticket and the rights attaching thereto or resulting therefrom may not be ceded, sold, or transferred, whether in a commercial or promotional context, with or without consideration, unless written permission has been previously obtained from the promoter and the ticket vendor. The use of photographic or recording devices of any description is strictly prohibited.


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