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Révolution en tournée 2024, Théâtre St-Denis - Espace St-Denis, Montreal Passeport MTL Winter 2024, Montreal Root for Nature, Espace OASIS - Palais des congrès de Montréal Magie des Impressionnistes, Studio-Cabaret - Espace St-Denis, Montreal Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert, Palis des congres, Montreal, 2024

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Ticketpro's new branding starts on May 2022. Over the next few months, you will see us launch our new image via our different communication tools.

Please, start using our new logo on your communication tools.
You can choose between our logo and our logo+signature.

Refer your graphic designers to our downloads below.

Download Ticketpro logo

Last version: 2022/05/11

This vectorial file can be opened with all Adobe Reader, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop applications.

Adobe Reader can distort some graphic elements; zoom in for best results.

For more details concerning our logo usage and media partnerships, please contact our Marketing department at: [email protected].


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