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El Águila Descalza

Bandeja Paisa

Show in Spanish only

Fill yourself up with laughter in this "gastro-comic" creation that has sold out its tour of Colombia, the United States and Toronto.

Carlos Mario Aguirre and Cristina Toro make a comic reflection on the way society relates with food in its transition from rural to urban and between one century and another. The change from the pantagruelic menu of the arrería for the new gastronomic customs that revolve around obsessions such as health, beauty and fashion.

El Águila Descalza fills the spoonful on the issue of globalization that changed the tradition of reuniting the family around the “tragos”, breakfast, media mañana, lunch, algo, dinner and bedtime snacks, for fast foods, lunch in coca, gastronomic exhibitionism in social networks – including the invoice - and the appearance of "gourmet and trendy" that many identify as synonymous with "little and expensive."

Bandeja paisa is an excuse to explore the gastronomic customs of a society that expresses in the excess of that dish, features of a culture that is also exaggerated. There are laughs to give and treat. Fall in temptation and come see us.

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