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King Crimson
Tournée Elements/Elements Tour

Following their acclaimed tour of America in 2014, King Crimson returns to active service in 2015. With dates for the UK and Europe already in place during August and September, King Crimson are pleased to announce they will be performing a series of concerts in Canada during November.

Born on 13th January 1969 in the basement of the Fulham Palace Cafe, London, this is the 8th incarnation of King Crimson, with: Gavin Harrison (drums), Bill Rieflin (drums), Pat Mastelotto (drums), Tony Levin (bass and vocals), Mel Collins (Sax, flute), Jakko Jakszyk (guitar, vocals) and Robert Fripp (guitar).

“It is a testament to Fripp's commitment to Crimson and his standards of exploration that this version is one of the best new bands on the road right now.”
Rolling Stone

“As cerebral as King Crimson’s music is, with its mandatory virtuosity and its mathematical systems within systems, what comes across first and last is fury.” New York Times

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